Nerdy Love

16 Feb 2013

Things about Anime conventions that annoy the shit out of me.

  • Elevators. The crowds, the smell. Oh God, the lingering smell.
  • Hallway Blockers. The large groups of people who stand or sit in the main thoroughfare.
  • People who can’t handle their props. The ones who are constantly smacking people with them because they are not aware of the size.
  • Fabreze instead of showers. I understand your costume aren’t always washable, but you are. Spray down your costume, but please bathe.
  • Non-consensual photographs. If you want a picture, just ask. I hate people who creep up and take photos of me while I’m talking. I even try to make ugly faces if I catch them in the act. You can get way better photos by approaching cosplyers.
  • Cosplay bashers. Everybody’s costume is beautiful. Everyone dressing up deserves recognition. Just because a girl has more curves than the character doesn’t mean she can’t cosplay her. Even the 40-year-old-Salior-Moon-with-a-beard deserves recognition for being so enthusiastic.
  • Non-Anime bashers. Superwholock and everyone is welcome. Don’t be a dick because they aren’t Japanese.
  • Way too sexual characters. This is a public event with children. If you would get arrested for indecent exposure wearing it in a normal setting, don’t wear it here. Be considerate.
  • Underage way too skimpy outfits at the Raves. Even 18+ should be mindful of their clothing in these events, but underage participants can also act too promiscuous and accidentally get someone older than them in big trouble. (These events are all ages, please act appropriately)
  • In your face weeaboos. The ones who say other people aren’t true fans because they don’t know every detail. They also try to force their fandoms on you.
  • The annoying girls who run up and hug you without asking. It’s usually 14-year-old girls. I’ll gladly hug you if you ask. Don’t do it without permission.

feel free to add more :)

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    Lol. Universal List of Anime Convention Annoyances.
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    I’m planing on cosplaying to my first con and I hope I don’t get bashed. The con in my town is SanJapan I don’t know...
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    ^^My life.
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